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Jun 02 2010 -
Into the North of Zao
s our sneak peeks already revealed, this year's summer update will take you further into the abyss of corruption and terror that yawns in Zao.

Finally, it is time to so get ready to enter the north of Zao and discover what threats and challenges are waiting for you behind the Great Gate. Are you afraid of the mighty adversary and his ravaging armies? You better be! But don't despair, you won't be alone. Zalamon, the wise old lizard priest will offer you guidance. Yet, he and the resistance still need your support as well.

Explore Zao's northern region, rice terraces and mountain paths which are fully tainted by the corruption. Approach the Emperor's realm, enter his mysterious gardens and venture into the depths of his terrifying palace. Help Zalamon and the resistance to fight against the dreadful dragonkin in order to end this terrible plague once and for all. Tibians, prepare yourself to face the unspeakable ancient evil that lurks in Zao, draining all its energy to finally plunge the world into ultimate darkness. Don't let this happen! You have to be strong and determined but you can make it. You have to - for the sake of Zao, for the sake of Tibia.

But in the midst of this epic struggle to avert the looming disaster, will you still find the time to help others who are in need? Hidden in the mountains in northern Zao, a forbidden village holds its very own secret and someone may be waiting there for you.

Furthermore, sage Cael in Farmine is looking for adventurers willing to collect corrupted samples for him in Zao. No matter if you are a newcomer or already quite experienced, Cael is grateful for any assistance. And a devoted father in Edron also needs help with the birthday gifts for his four sons.

You see, there are lots of challenges coming up this summer so you better start sharpening your swords, stringing your bows and polishing your runes. Further screenshots of the new area can be found on our supported and promoted fansites as well as on our official Tibia Facebook page.

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