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May 27 2002 -
About the New Client
e have just finished the very first version of the new client which includes the most important features. The new client will not only have a redesigned layout and a revised graphics library but also several new functions.

Here are some of the new features:

  • Eight individual male and female character outfits
  • Softscrolling and animated creatures and characters
  • Full true colour support with realistic light cones
  • Windowed mode and fullscreen support
  • An enhanced automap control to view distant areas
  • Two additional inventory slots
  • A resizable console that supports text wrapping, copy&paste and other extras
  • A more flexible dialog system for containers and other windows

  • During the next weeks, we will extend the client step by step and add the following new features to it:

  • A chat system with different channels (e.g. announcements, trade, etc.)
  • A safe trade dialog that will secure all trading actions
  • A buddy list to keep in touch with your friends and monitor your foes
  • A convenient installation program

  • Kind regards,
    Your CipSoft Team