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Jun 09 2010 -
Loot, Runes and Potions
he summer update is getting closer, so it's time to give you further information on some of the changes and new features waiting for you.

With the Christmas Update 2009, we introduced new loot items as common to semi-common loot in many monsters. We will continue to spice up the monster loot with the forthcoming update by adding further loot items which are stackable and lighter than some of the heavy stuff monsters used to carry. Again, some of the heavy loot items will be replaced by new cool loot items which also yield a similar price when you sell them to NPCs. Further information on the new loot items as well as a screenshot of them can be found on our supported and promoted fansites.

In addition to new loot items, we will slightly change the way monsters drop loot. They will not drop loot in bags anymore. Instead, you will be able to see all the loot items at once when you open a dead creature body.

As we already announced several weeks ago, runes and potions will become stackable so you will gain plenty of room in your backpacks and it will be easier to arrange your runes and potions. Also, runes with a higher than usual number of charges will be transformed into glowing keepsake items which make a nice addition to any house decoration for sure.

In addition to the runes and potion changes, key rings will transform into a new container, the jewelled backpack, which will have 22 slots and weigh only 17 oz. For all the details concerning runes, potions and key rings, please have a look at the original concept we presented some time ago and the adjustments we made based on your feedback. We also explained that runes and potions will be automatically stacked in your inventory. The automatic stacking will also work for other stackable items, e.g. food you buy from NPCs, money you get from NPCs or creature products obtained by skinning a creature.

Last but not least for today's teaser, the third upgrade of our reporting system will be implemented. From the summer update on, players will be able to report illegal statements in party channels, guild channels, private chat channels, the default channel as well as in private messages.

Stay tuned for the next teaser!
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