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Jun 23 2010 -
Achievements and Further New Stuff
he message has already been spread all over our promoted and supported fansites: achievements are coming to Tibia! So this summer update teaser will just provide a rough overview of what achievements are about. Further, we are going to present the rest of the new items that will be available to you ingame.

Achievements bring an exciting new dimension to Tibia. Think about them as exclusive titles your characters earn on special occasions while playing. You can collect them, show them off on your character information pages and share your successes with friends. Since achievements are worth up to 10 points each you can even compete with other players on the highscore lists! A new achievement ranking will be added there.

More than 80 achievements are available from the start. Some of them are secret so you will have to find out by yourself how to get those. Achievements are account-based which means they are assigned to all characters on the same account alike. So even if you unlock an achievement like the Bearhugger with your main character you can choose to display it on your secondary character's information page as well. The achievement points, however, are character-based of course.

Apart from achievements plenty of new items will be added to the game again. Check out the screenshot below: on the left and on the right you can see some new sprites for quest items which are already ingame. They will finally get a unique look. The bottom part of the image shows different food items including the 4 winning dishes of Jean Pierre's recipe contest from May. At the top, new equipment is presented with the brand-new jewelled backpack at centre.

If you take a close look at the character's outfit in the middle you will see that we have also adjusted the hat. It is now a bit more detailed and provided with an edge that is customisable by you in terms of colour.

Check out our promoted and supported fansites to learn more about the new content and features of the summer update 2010!

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