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Jun 30 2010 -
Major Game Update 8.6
zmashing! Zzizz year'zz zzummer update hazz been releazzed!

We hope you are ready to discover the new content and try out the new features. Most of them have already been introduced to you in our update teasers but let us recap what we have presented so far and what is waiting for you when you log in now.

Northern Zao holds massive challenges, tricky missions and precious new items. Your fight against the fierce dragonkin will lead you deep into the Emperor's realm until you are almost fully engulfed by the corruption. Horrible creatures will get in your way and test your strength. You better be well prepared before you head out into the fascinating new area where you can earn the right to wear the dignified wayfarer outfit. Yet, the question is: Are you skilled and strong enough to face the unspeakable ancient evil in Zao and turn the tides of fate? Are you a hero?

Besides northern Zao, you can look forward to many new loot items and an awesome improvement concerning the handling of supplies: Runes and potions are now stackable. This will surely save a lot of time and space when packing your backpack for your next hunting session. And it gets even more comfortable: The automatic stacking also works for other stackable items such as food you buy from NPCs or creature products obtained by skinning.

We have another cool feature that will add more spice and a whole new dimension to the game. You know your ways around Tibia? You are a pro? You want to show it? Here you go: You can now earn achievements with your characters, display them on your character information page and even compete with others on a highscore list. More than 80 achievements are currently available, some of them are secret, some of them are quite hard to get. Can you collect them all?

Also, we have upgraded our rule violation reporting system. Players can now report illegal statements in party channels, guild channels, private chat channels, the default channel as well as in private messages.

Further changes and fixes that have been implemented with the update are listed in the feedback thread on our discussion board. There, you can also leave feedback about the update and tell us your opinion.

Enough talk, it is time to check out all the new stuff by yourself. The update will download automatically when you log into the game. If you should encounter any problems, you can alternatively download the new client 8.6 from our download section.

Let'zz rock!
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