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Aug 05 2010 -
Open Letter to Gamemasters
ear Gamemasters,

we have already informed you on the private board that the time has come for our paths to split. At the end of August, the era of volunteer gamemasters will come to an end. It is far from being easy to bid farewell to such an amazing group like you - the team of gamemasters.

Yet, times are changing and our approaches to rule enforcement that have worked in the past do not work so well anymore. That it worked for so long is a result of your immense efforts and your devotion. But we cannot cling to old ways if we see that new approaches, strategies and new solutions are necessary to face new challenges and to meet the needs of the community and our customers more closely. Of course, it was not you who failed but the system. A system that has become outdated because time has moved on and we need to move with it.

Over all those years, you devoted countless hours of your own time and energy to your gamemaster tasks and all of you had something unique to contribute. Many times, you put smiles on players' faces when you took the time to deal with their problems and concerns on a personal level or even when you just listened to them, trying to be a shoulder to lean on.

Nevertheless, being a gamemaster was not an easy task. You had to put up with harassment, with frustration by players who blamed you for decisions you did not make, and last but not least, you often found yourselves in situations in which you sorely felt helpless because of the lack of tools and powers. You felt like we were not giving you the chance to work really efficiently and effectively. You were limited in what you could do by limitations which were set by us limitations we had to set.

So yes, we had our differences, our challenges and we even had disagreements but we always managed to talk about them. Indeed, we overcame many difficulties even though we could not solve all of them. You were able to look beyond previous differences and were always willing to work together with us and to support us since we were all trying to achieve the same goal making Tibia a happier and better place.

You were an awesome team and it was great to see the support you gave each other and to watch friendships grow.

You know that our vision is to establish a new group of voluntary helpers in the future. A group which is focused on the role of active helpers, providing answers for players who have questions or problems without playing a role in rule enforcement anymore. We sincerely hope to see you among these helpers once this new group has come to life even though that may still take some time. You always helped those in need, you were and still are beacons of inspiration for us all, for the community and for CipSoft. For some, you are legends.

The day when all of you will have to put down the blue cape that you have always worn with honour and dignity is coming closer.

So today, we want to stop for a moment and thank all those amazing people who ever held the position of a volunteer gamemaster.

Thank you for your outstanding work and dedication.
Thank you for your support and loyalty and for all the great moments we shared.
Thank you for your helpful input and your honest criticism.
Thank you for helping and guiding players, for inspiring others to volunteer, for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with the community and with us.

We want to especially thank...

Aestyn, Alevina, Amethyste, Arwin Winddancer, Arya Firethorn, Borr Henceforth, Bragol Amarth, Dragonas, Elfarran Brightsoul, Elucidatus, Exilya, Faerwynn, Fryan Skyseeker, Havey, Incangel, Khazregi, Klior, Kosari, Lantheos, Laylee, Nazzurok, Nietzsche, Ogfetan Riglan, Queen of Light II, Ramorien, Roland Deshaine, Ryrik, Sulwyn, Utey Frozenshard, Virsaemna Heartlistener, Wilfred of Mayhem, and Xane Doombringer

... for having walked this way with us till now.

We want to let all of you know - no matter if you are retired today or still wearing the blue cape - that it was a great pleasure and a privilege to work with you.

We bow to you.

Your CipSoft Team