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Aug 06 2010 -
Client Sidebar - Join the New Flash Client Discussion!
hen the first Flash client sneak peek was published back in March, it generated massive interest within the community. Since then the entire project picked up speed and made some pretty nice progress. We have spent a vast amount of time on performance tweaks and stunning new features that will hopefully sweep you off your feet.

Before we release the first big indepth teaser about the Flash client, we want to ask you once more about your feedback on a special topic. Last year, we already had great discussions with the community about the chat console and the item handling in Tibia. This time we would like to focus on the client sidebar, its graphical design, how information is displayed there, and its usability.

Sidebar widgets

You can see an extract of the current sidebar on the right-hand side. The sidebar consists of several elements which we call "widgets". The status bars are a widget, just like the battle list and the VIP list. Each of them contains certain information which is relevant for your gameplay. Some widgets can even be used by left- or right-clicking on them.

Now it is your turn!

We would like to invite you to a discussion thread that focusses on the status bars, battle list and VIP list. Are you satisfied with the amount of information these widgets contain? Are they easy to use for you? What is good about them, what could be better? And why?

Join in and tell us what you think! We are looking forward to your feedback. It can even be totally out of the box.

Be creative!
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