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Aug 20 2010 -
Upcoming Client Patch
n Spring, we enabled all players to report character names directly to our customer support team via a new reporting dialogue that guides players through the reporting process step-by-step. Since then, we have extended your possibilities to report ingame offences and upgraded our system by adding further reporting options, namely bot reports, public statement reports, and recently private statement reports.

Now it is time to take the next step. On Monday, August 23, a client patch will be released which will bring us closer towards achieving our vision of rule enforcement. As we already announced at the beginning of August in an open letter, the era of volunteer gamemasters will now come to an end. They will become either senators or senior tutors depending on the choice they made. Consequently, the rule violation report channel and the short Ctrl+R will be removed. Additionally, the public gamemaster board will be changed into a help board on which players can ask other players for help or answer questions of players seeking help similar to the help channel ingame.

By now, the majority of rule violations can already be reported directly to our customer support team by using the ingame report dialogue. On Monday, we will add a further option which enables all players to report character comments as well as character names directly on the character information page. In order to report rule violations which are not yet covered by the reporting system, please contact our customer support via email from Monday on.

Of course, our aim is to improve our service further, both by adding further reporting options and by improving the handling of your reports. We are evaluating your feedback on the reporting system and on remaining problems carefully and will, of course, continue to do so. This means we will look for ways and means to deal with the remaining issues appropriately.

With the upcoming client patch, a couple of bugs will be fixed as well, for example the issue with the wrong number of demonic candy balls given out to some players. More information on the bug fixes will follow on Monday, so stay tuned.

Last but not least, we would like to thank all voluntary gamemasters as well as all retired gamemasters again for the outstanding work during the past years and for their immense efforts to help making Tibia a better place.

Please also note that all game worlds and the website will be offline due to the client patch on Monday from 13:00 until 15:30 CEST approximately.

Have a nice weekend!
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