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Oct 05 2010 -
A Visit to Carlin
arlin, located in the north-western region of the Tibia continent, is quite an old city with an astonishing history.


Originally, Carlin was planned to be a colony of Thais. The former king, named Xenom, wanted the city to become an example of Thaian greatness, a new distinguished place for noble families and the centre of the colonisation of the North. However, his plans did not work out quite well. Settling in this area was way more difficult than it had been expected because of the prevalent orc attacks. Nobody felt safe moving there to help the city prosper.
Since the royal family of Thais was not willing to accept a failure, Carlin then became an exile for people the king did not want to have around in Thais, for example, free thinkers and noble families that disagreed with the ruling of the king at those times. These new citizens of Carlin were joined voluntarily by druids who looked suspiciously at the power and the influence of the Thaian sorcerers and their closeness to the royal family. To keep Carlin's inhabitants in check, a governor was stationed in Carlin as well as the Red Legion, the most powerful military tool of the Thaian royals.

Due to real bad governing and senseless decisions, which included pulling all workers out of town to build a huge castle, for example, men were not able to support their families with the necessities of life anymore. It was upon the druids to supply the town with food then due to their inimitable ways of being able to survive in nature alone. This way they established their powerful influence on Carlin and its inhabitants. They shared some of their knowledge with the women of Carlin who learned quite many helpful skills from those masters of nature. The dependence on women to run everyday life in the city grew immensely.
The close bond between druids and the other inhabitants of Carlin had positive side-effects for both sides. Through the needs and demands the city had in order to prosper, druidic research was pushed significantly. So not only the city, but also the druidic art began to flourish.

The exiled sister of the Thaian King was among the early female inhabitants of the city as well. She soon started to undermine the governmental institutions of her brother to weaken his influence on Carlin. When the Red Legion had to suffer heavy losses in a last huge battle with the orcs, the king decided to order the rest of his army back to ensure the safety of the capital and other holdings instead of this far away colony.
So with time, Carlin gained its freedom and independence from Thais and a female reign was established with the crowning of the first queen of Carlin, Queen Elorana. Up to today, Thais has not completely overcome the loss of its former colony emotionally, though the times of open hostilities are part of the past.

Once the Thaian army had retreated from Carlin, the remaining citizens, now mainly women and druids, immediately began with the construction of fortifications. With the assistance of druids and helpful elves from Ab'Dendriel, some of the women were trained as scouts who roamed the surrounding woods to warn the city in case of an advancing army, or a new orcish attack. From these scouts, a radical splinter organisation arose that was not in accordance with the more liberal ruling of the queen. The remains of this splinter organisation are well-known nowadays as amazons. The name derives from their former leader Amaza.

Carlin Today

Today, the early druidic influence on Carlin can still be noticed by an attentive visitor. The development of Carlin was dominated by the harmonic and environmental ways druids are well-known for. On a stroll through the city, you can notice roof-top gardens, for example, recreational areas in the town centre as well as a freshwater lake.
Female dominance is still obvious in Carlin today, too, and not only through the current Queen Eloise, who resides in the castle. The city guards are all female as are pretty much all royal employees. If you get a chance to talk to the women there, you might get an idea of their view on men in general. Also, Carlin's secret service is called the C.G.B., the Carlin's Girls Brigade. To our knowledge, there are no public reports about their efficiency, however, they see themselves as the first and the last line of defence of Carlin and clearly favour female agents.

Underneath the city, in the sewers, you cannot only find bugs, and slimes, but also the hideout of the male resistance. It is said that they meet in a secret bar there, planning a rebellion against the female dominance. However, rumour has it that they are masters in organising booze smuggling instead, and forget about their resistance as soon as they have checked out their smuggled goods. Alcohol in general is scarce in Carlin since the female rulers oppose drinking. They run a zero tolerance policy.

All in all, you can say that the women of Carlin reign with a firm hand, and men do not have much to laugh about. Not many of the women in higher positions really regard them as equals. However, you do not have to be afraid to visit Carlin. Even as a man, if you are girl enough, you can apply for a job at the C.G.B. If you are not interested in making a career in Carlin though and do not regard surviving as one of your main goals, you might dare to use a swear word on one of the town guards. They will then quickly demonstrate to you how much they appreciate this kind of behaviour. If you do not cling to your life, you could even try swearing in front of the queen.

If you have time, talk to some of the inhabitants of Carlin yourself. They are very open to sharing information about their beloved hometown if asked the right questions and maybe you will even be allowed to see the queen herself.


When you enter the city through the north gate, you can see on your right (1) the castle of the queen with its beautiful high tower. On your left, you will pass a (2) small arena in which sometimes duels can be watched. This arena belongs to the Glorious Knights Guild. It is rumoured that the women of Carlin had enjoyed duels between knights in the early days of Carlin, however, they have given up this habit in the meantime and do not invest in it any further.
When you follow our suggested path on the map, you will next find the (3) small recreational area just south of the castle, a park at which the residents of Carlin spend their leisure time playing on the outdoor chess or mill board. It has always been a great interest of the government in this city to provide a good work-life balance.
Another sight you should not miss on a rainy day is (4) the library, for example. The reading section is in the basement of the building. The library is run by a priestess and Carliners not only go there to read books, but also when they are in spiritual need.
In case you want to send greetings to your loved ones at home, or simply store your luggage or do some banking, you can all do this at the (5) Carlin depot.
Close to the town centre, you will find all sorts of goods and wares in a (6) shopping mile. It has always been important to the women of Carlin to have all stores in one area of the town, so that running errands does not take up too much time.
Down in the South-East, you can find the (7) harbour of Carlin. From there, boats will take you directly to Thais, Ab'Dendriel, Venore, Svargrond, Yalahar, and Edron. Slightly north-west of the harbour, there is a second recreational area, a (8) small freshwater lake, which is the pride of some Carliners, and a sign for the early druidic influence.
Following the suggested path, you will come to (9) the temple of Carlin. In case you should fall in love with this city and decide to become a citizen, you can do this here.
Right next to the temple, there is a (10) small theatre with a laymen stage. Sometimes you can watch a small play there. You might also find Percybald, a well-known actor from Carlin close by.
Outlaws will try to avoid the next building on our stroll through Carlin. (11) This is the sheriff's office, with the headquarters of the C.G.B. right above it. In this area you should definitely not be caught carrying some illegal booze around with you. Authority attention is very focused in this part of the town.
Carlin is also one of the few towns that really cares for the education of its children, another sign of the female and druidic influence here. So while you are here, you might also want to pay a visit to the (12) Royal Schoolhouse.

In case you plan a longer visit in Carlin, you might also be interested in exploring the outer surroundings. We would only suggest this to you though if you are armed. Due to the still prevalent threat from monsters, you should not leave the city's boundaries unprepared.

Facts about present day Carlin
  • Approximately 2.6 % of all Tibians reside in Carlin nowadays.
  • About 2.5 % of all female characters and about 2.6 % of all male characters chose Carlin as their hometown. Seems that the female domination is not a big magnet for female characters.
  • About 15.4 % of all Carliners are married.
  • The average level of characters who reside in Carlin is 20.71 in comparison: the average level of Thais is 25.8; of Edron 30.7; of Yalahar 76.63.
  • Despite their early close connection to Carlin, druids only make up around 18.1 % of the characters who reside in Carlin.
  • The main vocation found in Carlin is the knight, which makes up around 37.2 % of the population there.
  • 23.3 % of all Carliners are sorcerers.
  • 21.4 % of all Carliners are paladins.
To the North of Carlin, you have to fear to run into some amazones unexpectedly, but you might also discover a beautiful druid circle which is really worth a trip. West of Carlin, you will find an area called Ghostlands. Every adventurer who set out to this place returned not feeling quite alright. The sickness that is said to be triggered in this area starts with nightmares, then hallucinations, and is followed by aggressiveness. The bravest heroes have gone mad in this place. For this reason it was sealed off by druids in former times, so your way to get there might not be very easy.
If you are not that much interested in leaving too far from the city, you will find a mysterious cemetery east of Carlin. Carliners hardly visit this cemetery. The guards all think that it is haunted, and they claim to hear noises coming from the graves.

In case you would like to stay overnight, we can suggest you to visit Dane in the Lonely Sea Side Hostel at the south-west beach of Carlin. She runs the local (13) tavern and hostel and she might have a room to rent for you. If you do, don't miss out on having a look at the beautiful roof-top garden there.

Enjoy your stay in Carlin!
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