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Aug 21 2002 -
Final Sprint Towards the New Client
e have nearly finished the new client. Therefore we are starting a second public testing phase in order to find the remaining bugs. If everything runs fine, we intend to switch the regular worlds to the new client next week. Please use only the according thread we have started on the proposal board for feedback.

Since the first public testing phase, we have worked on the following topics:
- Auto Update: In the future, you will never have to download an update for Tibia again. We have implemented an automatic update mechanism which will get the current version from the server whenever you log in. We will test this feature by offering new versions during the test.
- Online Help: For our players there are now four ways of getting help: online-help for the client, hints, counsellor requests, and the website. All of them are accessible via a help menu. If you select the first one, your mouse-pointer will turn into a magnifying glass and you will get help for the part of the interface you put your mouse-pointer on. Hints will be given whenever something special happens, e.g., logging in for the first time, killing your first monster, etc. A flashing exclamation mark will indicate new hints, but you can always get back to old hints via the help menu. Counsellor requests have already been introduced in the previous test but are now accessible via this menu. The last two buttons in the menu are links to the website. The information there is not yet up-to-date, but we will update it during the testing phase. Also the links from the help buttons in some dialogs will point to detailed help later.
- Old Client: The server now supports the new and the old client (to be exact the new version 6.97 of the old client) at the same time. Of course, the old client does not support most of the new features but you should still be able to play. The characters look all the same and broadcast is abolished, but the old client automatically joins the guild channel (if possible) and the chat channel which are accessible using #M resp. #C.
Also have a look at the manual for more information about the controls and where to obtain the new client.

For the test server we have taken a copy of the world Antica last Monday. Therefore only players on Antica can take part in the test. It is not possible to create new players. The map has been limited to Rookgaard and the surroundings of Thais. Thais has been turned into a protection zone in order to avoid excessive rune shootings in town. Instead we ask you to play seriously, to use the new features just like you would use them in the regular game, and not to disturb other players while they are testing something. The Tibia Rules are also applicable for the test server. If you are violating against them, you will be excluded from the test and also from the regular game.

Happy testing!
The CipSoft Team

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