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Oct 26 2010 -
Tibia Flash Client - Feature Teaser
uring the past months, we have spent a lot of time and energy on the technical development of our new client based on the Flash technology. The Tibia Flash client is not yet ready to be released. However, the time has come to leak some brand-new information about it.

Note that the whole user interface is still lacking graphical buttons and backgrounds, so do not mind that. We have not spent any time on graphics yet. However, the screenshot below already shows some of the amazing new features the Flash client will come up with, and features are what this teaser is all about. Click to enlarge!

The upcoming Tibia Flash client will be highly customisable. The inhouse prototype already allows to use two sidebars at the same time: one on the right, one on the left. Upon release, we are even going to extend their amount to four! Thus, you will have enough space for all sidebar elements and backpacks you prefer to have open at once. That is especially useful for players with a widescreen monitor.

Speaking of sidebar elements: All of these elements - we call them "widgets" - are moveable, even the automap and the inventory. They can be placed on the left, or on the right side of the screen, and arranged vertically in any order you want.

Further, as you can see in the game window, the Flash client prototype comes up with customisable action bars. You can fill each slot with potions, food, equipment, spells or whatever you want and use them with a simple mouse click or press of a hotkey. You can even have up to four action bars simultaneously, one on each side of the game window!

Sounds fine? Here are some more features that have already been implemented into the inhouse prototype:
  • define various sets of hotkeys and action bars for different vocations or gameplay situations
  • quickly replace your current weapon and armour with a single click
  • customise your character's status bar, its location on the screen and what information it displays
  • assign hotkeys to your entire keyboard, not just to the F-keys
  • walk with WASD or any other key combination you wish
  • split up the chat console and make two channels visible simultaneously
  • watch a delay timer counting down when casting a spell
  • and many more...
So, dear Tibians, what do you think about the upcoming Flash client? Go comment on this news and share your thoughts with us in the Auditorium.

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