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Aug 28 2002 -
Update to Version 7.0
e proudly present the new Tibia client, version 7.0, which provides a redesigned layout, a revised graphics library, and several new features like a chat system with different channels, a safe trade system, a VIP list, and an installation program. After a long public testing phase, in which hundreds of players helped us detecting bugs and refining the new features, we are now switching the regular worlds to the new client.

Please download the new client from the website. Have a look at the revised manual for more information about the new controls. If you have any problems with the installation or with the new client, see the FAQ for help. Furthermore if you cannot get the new client to run on your system, you can also get the new version of the old client from the download section. However, note that the old client does not contain all new features and that we do not ensure support of the old client beyond April 30th, 2003.

Finally, we want to express our thanks to Mantus and Lord Ariakas, who have re-drawn and animated dozens of creatures; Mantus even provided us with a wonderful new title picture. Moreover, we say thank you to our gamemasters and counsellors for testing the new client and discussing the new features.

Have much fun with the new Tibia client!
The CipSoft Team

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