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Nov 11 2010 -
Of Robbers and Spirithunters
ou hear the hungry howls of wolves echoing through the deep forest and the muffled grunts of wild boars snuffling through rustling leaves. You see squirrels dashing to and fro in the swaying treetops. As you follow the narrow and winding path before you, limbs of trees hit you in the face and the dew on the high grass is soaking your shoes and legs. You catch hushed noises but it is not the wind whispering through the wood. You hear the breaking of branches but it is not caused by rabbits. You see eyes peering through the darkness but it is not deer. There is something out there, someone, ready to leap out at you. You notice the flickering lights and the crackling flames of a fire in the distance. A clearing, a camp! And suddenly, they jump out of the darkness, shady and bearded, a bunch of outlaws: "Stand and deliver, stranger!" Alas, you have run into Rottin Wood and the Married Men!

Yes, Tibians, a place you know very well will get a whole new eerie and brigandish look with this year's winter update - the outlaw camp. Where there is a dark forest and a roaring campfire, Rottin Wood and the Married Men are not far away. Yet, these muddy fellows are only half as dangerous as they look at first glance or as their clothes smell. Rottin will probably even assign some quests and tasks to you if you ask him since the Married Men always need a helping hand - may it be to repair something or to rob someone. Don't worry, though, marriage is not a prerequisite.

In addition, the laboratory of the cranky scientist, inventor and astronomer Spectulus in Edron will be expanded. He has taken up the hobby of experimenting with ghosts and spirits. Together with his new helper Sinclair, he founded the Spirithunters. You ain't afraid of no ghosts? Splendid! Spectulus and Sinclair are looking for new members to join the Spirithunters so be sure to visit them in their headquarters after the release of the winter update. On this occasion, you might want to talk to Spectulus about a rather sensitive topic: the mysterious disappearance of his first intern Jack during one of Spectulus' time and space conquering experiments which... failed. Miserably.

Last but not least, bonelords have decided to refurbish their homes in Drefia and the whole Necropolis to let them shine in a new light of bones. What a spine-chilling idea! Also, the dwarves of Kazordoon will have finished the restoration of the mighty Colossus of Kazordoon just in time for the winter update. You definitely have to stop by this masterpiece after the update and you will certainly be in awe of the fine dwarven craftsmanship.

Please note: With the winter update, it will be necessary to empty all rentable houses in the outlaw camp. All items will then be moved automatically to the depot in Kazordoon. Of course, they can also be removed manually by the house owner. There are still a few weeks left until the update will be released but we recommend you to postpone redecorating on a grand scale until then.

More amazing pictures of the revamped outlaw camp can be found on our supported and promoted fansites so make sure to pay them a visit.

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