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Nov 15 2010 -
t is light again! 29 game worlds successfully worked together as one team for 96 hours and managed to fight back the sinister forces of darkness by protecting the flames in the basins spread all over the lands of Tibia. With their heroic efforts and immense dedication, the players on the following worlds have earned the title "The Lightbearer" for their game world:

Amera, Antica, Astera, Balera, Calmera, Celesta, Elysia, Fidera, Furora, Guardia, Harmonia, Hiberna, Honera, Luminera, Magera, Menera, Nerana, Obsidia, Olympa, Pacera, Premia, Pythera, Refugia, Secura, Solera, Tenebra, Unitera, Vinera and Zanera. True Lightbearers!

Congratulations! You did a great job!

Please note that all characters who received a moon backpack as a reward from last year's Lightbearer event are not able to open this chest again since this backpack is a one-time-only reward. Don't worry about Santa's special surprise, though. If your world was successful and you lit 10 basins with your character, you just need to visit Santa after the winter update to get your special gift from him.

If you want to trade Midnight Shards for gold and are wondering about the price which has not been raised yet: Keep them, just keep them until further notice.

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