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Nov 18 2010 -
The Animal Whisperer
orth-west of Carlin, an old man has settled down in a small hut. Who is he? And what does he do? Some Carliners claim to have seen him talking to animals and rumours have started to spread. Is he out of his mind? Or is he a wise elderly person with a rare knowledge, an animal whisperer perhaps? Someone who is blessed with the ability to communicate with wild animals, to tame them so that you may even... mount them one day?

We have an answer for you, Tibians! It's short, it's awesome, and it will hopefully blow you away: Mounts. In Tibia. Yes!
After this year's winter update, NPC Lothar will not only welcome you in his humble hut, he will also gladly share his knowledge about taming animals with you. With that knowledge, active premium time on your account, and a bit of luck you will be able to mount some wild animals, and, instead of by foot, explore the lands of Tibia on the back of a fancy or fierce mount from then on. It's up to you!

For a start, you will be able to mount 12 different creatures, some of them already known to you, others will be completely new. The majority of these creatures have to be tamed with a special taming item before you can ride on them. Want to know which animals might allow you to hop on their back? Here we go:
  • Draptors: Dangerous beings that sometimes appear to support their kin in Zao.
  • Stampors: Massive monsters with a high affinity for earth have settled in a dungeon below Chaochai.
  • Midnight Panthers: These mystical creatures of the night are masters of stealth. In thick jungles, they attack by surprise and their claws can be deadly.
  • Titanicas: Tamed crustacea giganticas. Crustaceans feel at home in warm underwater regions and caves near water.
  • Rapid Boars: Boars like to roam the forest and will not hesitate to use their sharp tusks to fight off attackers.
  • Undead Cavebears: Beasts consisting of bones which sometimes accompany other undead creatures.
  • Tin Lizzards and Blazebringers: Not much is known about these mysterious mounts. Tibian adventurers, will you be able to find out more about them?
  • Racing Birds, Black Sheep, War Bears and Widow Queens: Successfully taming a terror bird, a black sheep, a bear or a wailing widow will also provide you with a faithful companion willing to carry you around.

Mounts will grant you a speed boost and work similar to outfits. Out of all mountable creatures you have unlocked, you will be able to choose the one you want to ride via an outfit dialogue. In addition, both a short-cut as well as the context menu will allow you to easily mount and dismount.

So now, the big question is: Which creature would you like to mount? Tell us about it in our feedback thread in the Auditorium. There, you can also find a short list with a summary and some additional pieces of information on mounts. If you want to see ingame screenshots of all other mounts just have a look at our supported and promoted fansites.

Mount up!
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