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Nov 25 2010 -
Magical Mystery
zzzz, Brrrzl...

Have you already felt the massive surge of sizzling magical energy in Tibia and wondered where it comes from? Come closer, brave adventurer, for what we are about to share with you has to be kept hidden from others.

Some of the greatest Tibian scientists, magicians and researchers have joined a secret research project in hopes of approaching the big goal of a magic equilibrium together and spicing up the spell list. Being aware of the sensitivity of the topic and the controversies on how to address it properly, these wise men decided to conduct their research and experiments in a hidden place until final conclusions have been drawn and the results are ready. But, lucky us, one of their assistants is a secret informant who tried to provide us with insider knowledge. Though most of the stuff was so secret that he did not even dare to speak about it on our secret channel, we still convinced him to reveal some interesting information.

Besides working on reasonable adjustments for some of the already existing spells, the research of these experts has led to the discovery of amazing new spells for each of the four vocations. As you know, the speed with which you can unleash magic is limited. Since scientists like to systematize such things, the researchers have revised the delay system so that the time until you can cast a certain spell or spell type again will depend more on the impact of a spell. This will mainly affect some instant attack spells since performing a powerful spell is exhausting so you need some time to cool down afterwards. Of course, researchers are also men of practice so they will visualise this ingame via a cooldown bar. In addition, they do have a soft spot for eye candy so spell categories as well as the particular instant attack and healing spells will get unique fancy spell icons.

In the course of the research project, a new damage type has been found. Our secret informant referred to it as bleeding which can be inflicted by deep wounds. He also revealed some bits and pieces he overheard about some - but not all - of the new spells.

A special attack called Annihilation focuses on raw power and will do the job when sheer magic is not the method of choice. After all, desperate times sometimes call for desperate actions.
Have you ever been cursed by a monster? If so, you probably know that losing an increasing number of hit points at regular intervals for a specific period of time can inflict quite some damage. But the ability to invoke evil upon an enemy with a Curse spell will no longer be reserved for monsters only.
When an ordinary flame strike is nowhere near enough, the Ultimate Flame Strike will ensure devastating effects with its powerful hellish flames. Yet, it will take some time to cool down after unleashing such a burst of magic.
Of course, the researchers know about the importance of recovering from damage, especially for knights and paladins. Finally, they managed to come up with a cheap but decent spell to heal wounds. Yet, since the magical abilities of these vocations are rather limited the Recovery spell only provides a healing effect in intervals over time.
Our informant also recalled to have heard about simple spells that may still come in handy such as Cure Burning, for example.

In order to avoid blowing his cover, our secret informant could not stay longer on our secret channel and had to return to the researchers. We know that you are probably bursting with curiosity now but alas, our informant could not be more specific for the time being. Nevertheless, he somehow managed to send us a paper showing all new spell icons, unfortunately not named though. If you want to guess a bit which icon might belong to which spell, just check our official Tibia Facebook page or our supported and promoted fansites.

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