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Dec 02 2010 -
World Quests Ahead!
winkle, twinkle, lil' demon star,
You wreak havoc wherever you are!


Blimey! It seems that our lullaby did not soothe the little demon baby that was entrusted to our care. What about you, Tibians? Will you be able to bear a mother's burden? A demon mother has planned to take a few days off in the merry month of May and will then look for caring heroes willing to guard and pamper her cute but spoiled brats during her absence.

But that is not all! If you are lacking parental skills, lots of more challenges are waiting for you in the future:
  • Bewitched: What's boiling in that cauldron? Good witches need your help in January to avert the wrath of evil spirits with powerful spirit brew. Lend them a hand by collecting the exotic ingredients they need to mix that brew and protecting their bubbling cauldron from the forces of destruction.

  • A Piece of Cake: Are you hungry? Cake golems are about to invade the Tibian lands in February. Use their doughy corpses to build a bridge to reach a legendary island that will make your tummy happy. Sharpen your... forks... if you are up for a challenge like never before!

  • The Colours of Magic: It's green! No! Orange! Nonsense! Violet is the new orange! Nay, green it is! Three wizards will spread mysterious letters with coloured powders all around Tibia to see which colour - and thus, which wizard - will triumph. Choose your colour and make your friends join your cause!

  • Annual Autumn Vintage: Attention juice connoisseurs! In October, the Combined Magical Winterberry Society wants you to help gathering winterberries and process them to extract the juice that keeps the magic in the world flowing. Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

  • A Pirate's Death to Me: Ahoy, sea dogs and landlubbers! Show mercy and help a cursed pirate on his desperate voyage that may free his soul once and for all. Team up with old and new friends bound by fate and by the stars, form a jolly crew and explore the raging oceans of the netherworld. Arrrr!

  • Last Creep Standing: Are you witty and agile enough to face the trials of Kurik? He likes to test mortals and fool around with them so, hopefully, you can count on your reactions and luck in this fun challenge.
Besides these sparkling new world quests, the winter update will also be stuffed with brand-new achievements as well as a couple of new loot items. Also, most NPCs will buy and sell a basic range of goods such as equipment or tools for standardised prices. The standard prices will match the best offers currently available at NPCs. This means that for those basic goods, you will not need to travel great distances anymore to be sure to get the best price for each item, because the price will be the same in each city.

Furthermore, the Magic Academy in Edron decided to restructure the spell lessons to make it easier for students to get their hands on spells. While all ultimate spells will still be sold by Zoltan, Puffels will sell all other knight spells, Ursula will sell all other paladin spells, and Gundralph will sell all other druid and sorcerer spells. In addition, they will also sell all free account spells for the vocation they serve.

Last but not least, we received a letter from Santa lately in which he cancelled his order of 25 extra boat loads of oranges for Christmas. Curious as we are, we snuck up to his house and peeked through the window to see what he is up to. Unfortunately, we only got a glimpse of a huge pile of all sorts of gifts. But after a few seconds, Santa caught us and scolded us for being so impatient. He seemed more talkative than usual, though, and revealed that he had to buy a larger sack this year to hold all the nice goodies.

As you may have noticed, the private test server for the winter update started yesterday so make sure to check our supported and promoted fansites for some interesting reports fresh from the test server.

Smell the scent of the update!
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