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Dec 08 2010 -
Major Game Update 8.7
t's a wrap! Against the snow and chilly breeze in Germany, we have put together a blazing bundle that will hopefully keep you warm over the festive season: Tibia's winter update 2010! New features and new content wait for you so let us summarise some major points before you head out to explore all the new stuff:

To heat up, you may want to visit the notorious Married Men and their leader Rottin Wood in the revamped outlaw camp. Discover the brigand within you by lending them a hand and enjoy living in the woods. If you are more interested in paranormal studies, you should definitely stop by the Spirithunters' headquarters in Edron. Spectulus and Sinclair welcome everyone who is willing to catch some ghosts. The fruit connoisseurs among you may want to help Chartan in northern Zao who is looking for volunteers to find and degust some exotic fruits.

Travelling through the lands of Tibia will be a great new experience on the back of fancy mounts. Special taming items will give you the chance to tame some wild animals and thus, turn them into faithful companions always willing to let you hop on their back. Will you tame a mystical midnight panther, dig your hands into the soft curly hair of a black sheep or ride on another one of the 12 different creatures you are able to mount?

In addition, Tibia's spell system has received a makeover and now sparkles more than ever. New spells for all vocations and a hot cooldown system will add more flavour to casting spells and make it more challenging. Spell icons and a cooldown bar ingame will help you to time your magic. Show that you are a spell master by rotating your spells wisely and choosing the right spells for the right situation!

Last but not least, awesome new world quests lie ahead of you. Take care of a little demon baby, treat yourself to a delicious cake or show your true colour! Throughout the next year, 7 new challenging and funny world quests will spice up your daily Tibian life. Don't miss them!

The update will download automatically when you log into the game. If you should encounter any problems, you can alternatively download the new client 8.7 from our download section. We have started a dedicated feedback thread for the update in the Auditorium in which you we have also listed a couple of further changes and fixes that have been implemented with the update. So make sure to check out the new content and features and tell us your opinion.

Please also note that the new Tibia Rules are effective as of today. In addition, several public channels have received a new, clearer name. The default channel has been renamed to "Local Chat" and the trade channel has been renamed to "Advertising". Since players are now allowed to speak in their native language in all channels, the real life chat channel has been removed and the game chat channel has been renamed to "World Chat".

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