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Dec 16 2010 -
New Supported Fansites
oday, we would like to welcome five new supported fansites in the fansite programme.

With, our Portuguese speaking players finally have a wiki about Tibia in the fansite programme as well. It has existed for quite a while already and offers lots of information. is a fansite that wants to make you laugh. Share funny conversations, videos and screenshots with the community to help them achieve this task.
The third new fansite we would like to welcome in the programme is something completely new. Check out if you are ready for some Tibian radio broadcasts.
With and, we have added two new statistic sites. If you are interested in statistics, make sure to pay them a visit.

Further details can be found in our fansite section, or - simply visit the new supported fansites right away.

Have fun!
Your Community Managers

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