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Jan 27 2011 -
English Chat and Game Codes
oday, a patch has been released to implement an English chat channel ingame. After the winter update, we received lots of feedback from players who wished for an additional chat channel in which the use of English is required to facilitate the communication between people of different mother tongues. So here it is!

That is not all, though. From now on, our official resellers are able to offer you game codes with which you can add premium time to your Tibia account or initiate an extra service such as a character world transfer, for example. Of course, you can also buy a game code and give it to a friend. Game codes allow you to add premium time directly to your account. Just log into your account page and follow the instructions explained in the FAQ.

Last but not least, life crystals, emerald bangles and and silver brooches are now stackable. Consequently, their weight has been adjusted a bit.

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