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Feb 08 2011 -
Best Royal Painters
inally! Vad Inchi and Lou Toose, our painters in despair, have found inspirations for their next masterpieces that will decorate the royal castle walls in Carlin and Thais.

34 pictures made it through the preliminaries which took place on some of our supported and promoted fansites. Vad Inchi and Lou Toose really had a hard time to choose the two most inspirational ideas from all the great submissions but in the end they could not resist the charm of two particular works. Since both Vad Inchi and Lou Toose know that art is often a matter of taste and that some may prefer it hot spicy while other's have a sweet tooth, they explain their choice of muse as follows:

Carlin's Best Royal Painter: Tiffazinha
submitted through

Lou Toose: What vibrant colours! The picture perfectly captures the sublime beauty and spirit of our beloved Queen Eloise. The idea to portrait her as the centre of everything, of elements and time, took hold of me immediately. The artist gave a pretty good explanation herself: "It was inspired by Tibiasula's stories, to keep in mind that the Queen is powerful and beautiful like Tibiasula. When she died she turned into the four elements, and from them, 5 new gods were born. The background was based on a clock hand and dial representing the time. The statues at the center are the same as the ones at Carlin's Castle entrance." Oh, I am sure Queen Eloise is going to love it.

Thais' Best Royal Painter: Fenris Greyback
submitted through

Vad Inchi: Aaah, what a clever reminiscence of the trials of strength between the brave Thaians and the evil sorcerer Ferumbras in bygone days. Our glorious King Tibianus III will certainly take pleasure in contemplating on this metaphorical masterpiece illustrating his will to face even the most evil challenges in an heroic effort. This is even better than painting him together with Noodles.

Congratulations to Tiffazinha and Fenris Greyback! A full year of premium time has been added to your accounts and a parcel including a precious CM token has been sent to your home town.

The fansites on which they submitted their work have earned the right to wear a special banner exclusively designed for them since they are the homes of Tibia's best royal painters. Congratulations to Tibia Türkiye and Tibiopedia! The winning pictures now work as inspiration for Vad Inchi and Lou Toose. Are you excited to see the results? We most certainly are! We still have to be a bit patient, though. Those two painters need some time to bring the ideas onto canvas in the castles. So let's keep our fingers crossed that the gentle breezes of spring will lend them wings.

Hail to the Queen! Hail to the King!
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