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Oct 22 2002 -
Minor Update to Version 7.01
ne month and a half after the release of the new client, we are going to perform a minor update with several bugfixes and some minor add-ons.

Talking: Spells will now always go to the default channel and thus be effective in the game. You can ignore yells and private messages by checking the corresponding boxes in the ignore dialog. You can start a conversation more quickly by double-clicking on the VIP list. And for our Swedish, Spanish, or French players: The client now supports the complete ISO-8859-1 font with all special characters contained in these languages.

Combat-System: The logout block is prolonged for attacker and defender after every strike or shot, no matter if it hits. Players cannot summon or convince more than two monsters which will vanish when their master logs out or dies. Animate Dead or Undead Legion, however, always works.

User Interface: During the login process, you will receive some information about the state of the connection. There are no snapbacks any more when you are walking using the cursor keys. In the advanced graphics options you can confine the framerate and thus the processor usage. The buttons for the combat tactics are coloured. And the scrollbars will move repeatedly when you keep the arrows pressed.

You don't have to download a new client version. Instead your client will be updated automatically when you login next time. However, if the update process does not work correctly for you, you can download the complete version 7.01 from the download section. If you are using the "old client", no update is necessary.

See you in Tibia!
Your CipSoft Team

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