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Feb 24 2011 -
Lil' Flashy Has Grown Up
our months have passed since the last Flash client teaser was published. In the meantime, the whole project has developed quite well. What we have called "Lil' Flashy" lately now got its features polished and was dressed in a brand-new garment as well. This tiny tot has really grown up, don't you think?

Let's make a short recap. Do you remember what the most impressive feature of the Tibia Flash client will be? Customisability, right! We have worked hard on giving it a pretty flexible layout. You want to have one sidebar on the right, two on the left or no sidebar at all? It is up to you. You want to get rid of the top right minimap and place it on the bottom left of your screen? Sure, why not? Go for it!
By using the Flash client you will also be able to decide yourself if, where and in what colour you want to get most ingame messages displayed. You may assign hotkeys anywhere on your keyboard, walk with WASD, define different hotkey sets and many more. Feel free to tailor the client to your personal needs. That is what makes the Tibia Flash client so powerful.

When you click the screenshot below you will notice that you do not have to take advantage of the Flash client's full potential if you do not want to. As you can see in the image on the left, you can simply go on playing Tibia the way you are used to by sticking to the client's default options. Your new Tibia client will just look and feel better then. And whenever you feel the time is ripe for some fancy gameplay experience, just expand your sidebars and action bars and rock it!

So, after having seen this, what is your stance on the upcoming Tibia Flash client? Tell us about it!

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