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Mar 10 2011 -
Lil' Flashy Makes Your Character Feel Good
fter the previous Flash client teaser, some players had posted comments like "Where is the health and mana bar? I can't see it lol". Right, back then there were no such status bars visible in the client sidebar as all of you are normally used to. Why was that? Two weeks ago, the status bars had just not been completed. Today, though, they are, and so we are going to delve a bit deeper into the status bar theme right away.

In the current client, the status bars are usually located right below the automap. You can move them up and down a bit and place them somewhere else, but only on a very limited scale. There is no customisation at all. Guess what! That is going to change. The Tibia Flash client will come up with a dedicated status bar widget that brings along some decent features:
  • It can be moved to any side of the game window. Thus, you can place it in the most convenient spot for you that fits best to your playing style.
  • The widget includes your character's health and mana bar, information on special conditions like whether your character is poisoned, burning or even hungry, and a progress bar.
  • For the progress bar you can decide yourself what type of progress should be displayed there: your character's level, magic level or a certain skill you are just training to get better in. You can also go without a progress bar, if you wish.
  • There are several different styles available to customise the look of your widget. In each style, the bars and icons are arranged in a unique way. Just pick the one you like most.
  • If you do not feel the need to see your status bars for a while you can just hide the whole widget.
That, of course, is not all! Another brand-new feature is the HUD, short for heads-up display. It is a semi-transparent overlay that can be switched on and off, and that surrounds your character in the game window when it is activated. With its broad and curved bars, the HUD lets you always keep track of your own character's health and mana status very easily. This display feature will be especially useful for you during battles and risky hunts to prevent your character from dying.

In the light of these fancy new features, there is almost no need to say that you can even choose what types of character information should be displayed to you in the game window. Feel free to show or hide your own character's name, health, mana and marks (when it is skulled, in party mode or involved in a guild war) by simply ticking off the respective checkboxes in the options menu. You can also show or hide the names, health and marks of other characters and creatures in your game window.

Ready to take a peek at the features we were just talking about? Click the screenshot below to enlarge it. The image shows the activated HUD and the status bar widget placed at the bottom of the game window.

By the way, we are really looking forward to the upcoming beta tests with you! Thanks a lot for the many applications we have received so far.

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