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Mar 21 2011 -
Lil' Flashy Keeps Track of Friends and Foes
he beta test for the Flash client is coming closer. To bridge the waiting time a little, we have decided to kick off another teaser today. Fasten your seatbelt! It is time to shed some light on the brand-new battle list features of the Tibia Flash client.

At large, the new battle list works just as the current one - but with a major improvement: You can now choose what exactly you want to get displayed there. There are several filters available that allow you to show or hide certain content with a single click on an icon. For example, you can hide other players in the battle list if you want to focus on hunting monsters at the moment. Or you can hide any creature if you want to pay attention to the people around you. Filters are also available for NPCs, party members and even non-skulled players. Just imagine you want to take revenge on a player killer and keep your battle list clean of everything else.

Apart from deciding what content your battle list should actually show or hide, you can, of course, sort the data either ascending or descending in different ways. You want to get those creatures that are closest to you listed on top? Choose "sort by distance". You are surrounded by dozens of players and want to keep track of them? Hide everything else but players and select "sort by name". When you are in a war, choosing "sort by hitpoints" will certainly come in handy for you.

Here is another screenshot that shows what the battle list currently looks like. Work is still in progress here. Nevertheless, you can already check out the new icons at the top of the battle list with which you can turn filters on and off. We have placed some lizards in the room of NPC Chrak in Chazorai to show you the filter effect. Chrak is standing right next to our character, however, he does not appear in our battle list since we have activated the filter to hide NPCs.

This was the last Flash client teaser prior to the closed beta test. We will announce the start of the test in a news soon, so stay tuned!

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