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Apr 15 2011 -
Spring Patch About to be Released
n Wednesday, April 20, this year's spring patch will be launched. We would like to give you a short outlook on the features it will bring along.

  • Some sections of the Tibia website will get a new make-over to present the relevant information in a clearer way, most notably your account management page. For example, whenever you log into your account, you will immediately see whether your account is free or premium on the top of the page. Below, a list of your characters will be displayed while other sections of your account page will be accessible via clicking on a "Manage Account" button.

  • With the spring patch release, players who have never bought premium time or paid for an extra service will only be able to post on the public Tibia boards with a character of at least level 21. Moreover, we will add further reporting options to the reporting system. Players will be able to report signatures as well as forum posts, including posts on guild boards. The report of a post will not have any effect on the post itself until the report gets processed by a customer support member. Also, we plan to exclude bot reports from counting towards the report limit soon after the spring patch release.

  • In addition, the inventory of a character will be slightly adjusted. Each slot will be reserved for one type of equipable item so items can only be placed in the slots they are designed for. For example, you will no longer be able to put any type of item in the former hand and arrow slots. The former hand slots will be changed to a weapon slot and a shield slot. The former arrow slot will become an extra slot which can be used to store ammunition or light sources. Besides these inventory adjustments, you will also notice more information in your server log such as the hitpoints you heal, for example.

  • As we announced recently, the Tibia Flash client is still in development so it will not be released with the spring patch. However, some technical changes will be made in preparation for the Flash client but most of them will be invisible for you.

  • Last but not least, Vad Inchi and Lou Toose will have finished their masterpieces by then, and you will be able to admire their paintings on the royal castle walls in Carlin and Thais. They were inspired by the stunning pictures drawn by the best royal painters Tiffazinha and Fenris Greyback.

  • Get ready for the spring patch!
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