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May 20 2011 -
Flashy in a Nutshell
uring the last weeks, we have been asked about the progress of the Tibia Flash client pretty often. The eagerly awaited open beta test is getting closer so it is time to sum up Lil' Flashy's outstanding features.

  • Sidebars: Make use of up to four sidebars and arrange your sidebar elements, the so-called widgets, in any order you wish.

  • Action Bars: Assign spells, runes, potions, equipment, or food to up to four action bars which can be controlled with your keyboard or your mouse. So changing your current weapon or armor, for example, will be easy as pie.

  • Hotkeys: The Flash client allows you to assign and customise hotkeys on your keyboard for fast and easy use. Define and name up to 8 different sets of hotkey and action bar configurations, and change them easily with a single click while playing.

  • Status Bar: The status bar widget can be moved to any side of the game window and comes in different styles. It keeps you up-to-date on your character's health and mana, it contains information on special conditions such as being poisoned or hungry, and there is even a progress bar which shows the progress of one type of level or skill.

  • Character Information and HUD: You want to keep an eye on your character's health and mana at the same time? No problem! It is up to you what kind of information will be displayed to you in the game window. Show or hide your character's name, health, mana and marks, or the names, health and marks of others by ticking off the respective checkboxes. If you are up for a new gameplay experience, the Flash client allows you to switch on and off a heads-up display, a so-called HUD. With its semi-transparent, broad and curvy bars it will make it easier to keep an eye on health and mana at any time.

  • Ingame Messages: Choose your preferred colour for most ingame messages and decide for yourself whether or not you want them to be displayed in your game window and your chat console.

  • Battle List: The battle list comes along with a couple of useful filters which make it possible for you to show or hide certain content such as creatures, other players, or NPCs, for example, by simply clicking on the respective icon. Moreover, different sorting options help you to keep track of your surroundings.

Of course, that is not all! The open beta test is your chance to check out all these great features and many more. So stay tuned and make sure not to miss our next teaser which will include more information about the start of the open beta test and about system requirements.

Go Flashy!
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