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Dec 06 2002 -

Magic Items

ome items that are already available in the game will finally get magic features. All magic effects grant low advantages which will last only temporary. As soon as all charges are used up, the items will vanish. Please consider this while trading the following items:

  • strange talisman: lowers damage by energy for several attacks
  • might ring: lowers damage by all kind of damage for only a few times
  • stealth ring (the old death ring): makes you invisible for some minutes
  • power ring: improves your fist fighting by a few points for some minutes
  • energy ring: grants mana shield for some minutes
  • life ring: grants additional regeneration for some minutes
  • time ring: lets you walk faster for some minutes
  • silver amulet: lowers damage by poison for several times
  • bronze amulet: lowers losses by mana drain for several times

Have fun in Tibia!
Your CipSoft Team