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Dec 17 2002 -
Christmas Update
hristmas Update is here! It introduces many new features in the game. There are now magic items, rings, amulets, and other clothings which give you special abilities like skill improvements, protection against some kinds of damage, regeneration, invisibility, and some more. They work automatically while worn at the correct body position and usually wear out after some time or after a certain amount of uses. You can find most of these items at monsters; others can be bought at NPCs.

Knightmare has designed a great - in a twofold sense: huge and fascinating - area, the city of Venore in the East of the main continent and its surroundings. It containes some new monster races and many things to explore. Besides that, the village of Rookgaard has been extended so that newcomers have more hunting grounds. Leaving Rookgaard now means talking to an oracle which asks you for your desired profession and the town you want to go to. This should help distributing players evenly among the towns.

All deaths of players are now recorded with time and reason. They are shown on the character page on the website. This helps you to see what actually happened to your character and gamemasters to punish massive player killing. Please note that you are responsible for your summoned or convinced creatures and also for magic fields during the first five seconds and all lasting effects caused during that time.

Besides, private chat channels have been introduced in which you can chat with a group of your friends; they are described in detail in the manual. There are special documents like books and parchments which can be edited only once. When a player loses his or her house, all belongings will now be saved and sent to the depot. The delay rule for using magic has been revised: the delay is now after a rune was used. And, of course, there are the obligatory Christmas features: Santa Claus and Christmas trees. Snowballs, however, have been left out as they have been heavily misused for powergaming last year.

When you log in next time, your client should automatically be updated to version 7.1. However, if the update process does not work correctly for you or if you are using the old client, you can download the complete version from the download section.

Have much fun!
Your CipSoft Team

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