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Jun 16 2011 -
Your Actions Will Matter
ou wanted it. You asked for it. And here it is: the first teaser for the forthcoming summer update!

This time, the update will provide you with new challenges. This time, it is all about decisions and choices, Tibians. Decisions that matter, decisions that will influence and shape your world - and it is all in your hands. Your actions will have an impact. Go ahead and take the chance to change your world for yourself, for everybody.
A whole lot of world changes lies ahead of you, and to ease the waiting let's have a closer look at a few of them.


A sunken temple of the Bog God has risen near Shadowthorn. While most of the elves there worship the forgotten god, a few rebellious elves have built up a resistance. After a bloody conflict between the two factions, the followers of the Bog God managed to imprison the defiant firestarters in the dungeons beneath Shadowthorn.
Guarded by three overseers, the firestarters are now waiting for courageous heroes to free them from their prison. Once released, they will wreak havoc for sure and set Shadowthorn ablaze since fire is their greatest weapon in their fight against the Bog God and his followers. The flames can only be fought with water from the sacred bog. Extinguishing them might even prompt the firestarters to summon a flaming wolf. Lure him to a sacred place and it will change into a crystal wolf, a glowing creature that can be tamed and mounted.

Seeing all this chaos, will you help the followers of the Bog God to imprison the firestarters again and return Shadowthorn to its original state? And if that happens, who will then help the firestarters to break free again? And again? And again?

The Mummy's Curse

Once, an influential Pharaoh, Horestis now rests deep down in a tomb full of creatures such as sandstone scorpions and tomb servants near Ankrahmun. Rumour has it that sandstone scorpions will even allow brave adventurers to ride on their back if tamed with the right item.
But beware! If you destroy the jars that seal Horestis' burial chamber and thus, wake him from his eternal slumber, you will have to face his wrath. Should the mighty Pharaoh fall by the hand of grave robbers his death curse will strike the land. His servants will no longer roam the tomb but crawly creatures will swarm the desert north of Ankrahmun. The curse will lose its power over time, though: the jars will be restored, Horestis will return to his resting place, and the tombs will be crawling with his servants again. Till the next grave robbers dare to disturb his sleep...

The Steamship

An old dwarven explorer has discovered a steamship route between Thais and Kazordoon. In order to offer his service, though, he needs enough coal to keep his steamship running. The steam ship captain might even drop you on a remote isle where you can hunt creatures or meet Robson Stonespitter and his little goblin bodyguard.


There is yet another new way to travel to and fro Thais and Kazordoon. Deep down in the mines of the dwarven city, the entrance to the remains of a sunken dynasty of unknown age has been found. However, water pours out behind every rock turned by dwarfs so in order to access this long lost dungeon, coal is necessary to operate special pumps to drain the water.
If you deliver enough coal, the entrance will be revealed and you can enter the realm of the deeplings, mysterious aquatic creatures that can only be found there. In addition, you can reach yet another steam boat link to Thais then. But beware! If you do not slay enough deepling scouts within a certain time, they will flood the whole dungeon again so you need to drain all the water anew if you want to gain access to the hunting ground and the steam ship link.

But there are more challenges to face, Tibians, more decisions to make. Next week we will tell you more about a fish called shimmer swimmer, two demon races waging war against each other, a vicious mage and his dimensional portal, and - a new beginning.

Last but not least, don't forget to check our supported and promoted fansites if you are interested in further screenshots and would like to get a glimpse on the crystal wolf.

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