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Jun 22 2011 -
Decisions, Decisions
n our last teaser, we already presented you a couple of world changes that are coming to Tibia. Yet, there are still more ways for you to shape your world so let us continue our teaser journey...

Demon Wars

Below Edron, two demon races, the shaburak demons and the askarak demons, are waging war against each other since ages and for reasons long forgotten. Neither of them has been able to prevail over the other so far so it is up to you, Tibians, to tip the balance in favour of one faction or the other.
If one side is severely weakened by outsiders, the other will finally gain the upper hand, and their leaders, smelling victory, will come out of hiding. Slaying the leaders will break the dominance, though, and the balance of power will return to an equilibrium until outsiders will once again step onto the battlefield.

Twisted Waters

In the north of Tiquanda, the mysterious Lake Equivocolao is known to attract a strange fish called "shimmer swimmer". This fish loves extremely murky waters and can only be found in the lake if it is really dirty. Dumping corpses into lake will certainly do the trick, and once a certain amount of contamination is reached, the lake will turn into a brown and dirty soup, and there is a chance to catch a shimmer swimmer when fishing there. If a certain number of shimmer swimmers has been caught, though, the lake will become clean again. Will you be lucky enough to catch the rare fish? Rumour has it that it miraculously transforms into a piece of equipment, for example, if used with certain items.

The Mage's Tower

South-west of Zao Steppe, a vicious raging mage has created a dimensional portal on top of a tower in order to access the energy buzzing there. The wizard himself is keeping the dimensional rift open. So as long as he is alive you are able to enter Another Dimension where you will encounter yielothax, strange and tough creatures with rare loot. Also, you might come across the Uniwheel, a very specific mount.
Killing yielothax will also weaken the raging mage and if a certain number of them has been slain, the raging mage can be defeated and you can get your hands on his unique loot. However, the dimensional rift will break down soon after killing the mage and players will have to leave the dimension until the raging mage will return and restore the portal.

A Taste of Things to Come

While the world changes offer new experiences for players who have already left Rookgaard, we have also something in store for new players. After having completed the tutorial on Rookgaard, a new questline will be available which can be accepted by players up to level six. It will guide them till they reach the Isle of Destiny. Also, a few areas on Rookgaard have been revamped a bit. Some of the challenges players will have to face include loading a catapult, getting a sample of a spider queen's web, saving a book about orc language from a burning library vault, and destroying a troll tunnel. During the missions, new adventurers will get a glimpse on what is to come after leaving Rookgaard, and they will gain some useful knowledge. For example, they will learn something about potions and regeneration, invisibility, and walking speed on their way to infiltrate an orc fortress and defeat the fierce Kraknaknork.

Excited to hear what else the summer update will bring along? Next week we will tell you more about a slime fungus near Edron, a poorhouse and swamp fever, the white deer of the Ab'Dendriel forest, and... horses.

Further screenshots can be found on our supported and promoted fansites so make sure to pay them a visit.

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