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Jun 29 2011 -
Get Involved!
ave you already tried out some of the new content on our test servers for the upcoming summer update? Besides the world changes presented in our previous teasers, there are even more adventures waiting for you that will allow you to influence your game world more visibly than before.

Swamp Fever

Ottokar, the kind soul of Venore's poor house, fights a desperate fight against the local swamp fever. In order to keep it under control and prevent it from spreading to the city, he needs a certain number of medicine bags each day. Swamp trolls are said to carry them with them sometimes but Ottokar cannot leave the suffering poor people alone. In exchange for medicine bags, he will give you the belongings of deceased patients. Who knows, maybe you are lucky and one of them owned some slug drug which is said to tame wild slugs? If the fever spreads to the city, though, maddened feverish citizens will randomly attack anyone in Venore. If you get your hands on some pieces of their cloth, you might even be able to dress like one of them. So will you help Ottokar or rather wait for the fever to spread?

Their Master's Voice

A magical tower has appeared east of Edron out of the blue. A mad mage without any connections to the Academy has created this building and conducted several experiments there - some of which failed quite horribly. The mage is nowhere to be seen but the lower dungeon is filled with his servants who might carry some slime mould which you should pay attention to if you would like to get the elementalist outfit.
Killing all servants will provoke their master to show himself and you will be able to fight him. However, if all servants are dead, a dangerous slime fungus will slowly start to spread in the tower and can only be removed with the help of the slime gobbler. The servants and the mad mage will only reappear if all the slime fungus is gone.


Have you ever heard of the white deer of Ab'Dendriel's forest? These beautiful creatures are loved and revered by the elves while some less scrupulous traders are rather interested in their valuable fur and impressive antlers. So in order to make profit adventurers often hunt these deer, and thus, endanger the species with extinction. Also, killing white deer will disrupt the delicate ecological balance since their natural enemies, the wolves, will begin to starve sooner or later. So if the deer population decreases too much the number of starving wolves will rise. In that case you can actively help the elves to restore the natural balance by luring enough wolves into special traps and handing their corpses over so that the deer population might recover.


Finally, horses have found their way to Tibia! The new horse stations near Thais and Venore not only connect both cities through a coach service available to all players but also allow all players to rent a horse for a small fee per day.
Sometimes, the horses will break free, though, and the service will stop until enough horses are chased back into the barn in Thais. Rumour has it that you might even be able to tame a sturdy steed if the horses are on the loose.

Insectoid Invasion

Strange insectoids have been spotted west of Greenshore every now and then. If you do not kill enough of them they will eventually eat up leaves and grass leaving behind an insectoid wasteland. Kill enough of these crawly creatures to stop the invasion and let the land turn green again.

You see the summer update will bring along lots of new stuff to explore, and your decisions will matter more than before. Players' actions will decide whether or not their world will change with the next server save. So be a part of it! Interested in further screenshots? Make sure to check our supported and promoted fansites!

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