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Jul 08 2011 -
Bug Fixes
ith today's server save, a couple of bug fixes were implemented:
  • All free account players will now actually be able to ride the horses they rented.
  • The premium bridge in Rookgaard will work as intended again.
  • The unintended dread doll spawn was removed from the Thais throne room. As a first step, the FunTibia dread doll has received a new name and description and was removed from the Thais exhibition. In the near future, this item will receive a new graphic, and the FunTibia dread doll will be reintroduced. Players who had received this item from before the update will then receive a new FunTibia dread doll.
  • Some other minor bugs and a couple of typos.

Further changes relevant for the Beta Flash client:
  • Among other minor things, a bug was fixed that caused client crashes in several situations, for example when leaving quest doors. Such crashes should not appear anymore.
  • Further, it should not happen anymore that players appear as monsters in certain situations when changing floors.
  • A bug that caused a misorder of the stacking of objects should be gone now as well.
If you want to talk about the latest changes with other players, please comment in the thread News: Major Game Update 9.1.

See you in Tibia!
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