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Sep 15 2011 -
Grizzly Adams revamped!
he autumn patch is around the corner. With this first teaser of the upcoming patch we would like to introduce you to the revamped paw and fur society tasks.

Grizzly Adams, the well known leader of the paw and fur society, is always looking for new members to join his hunting ranks. Now, he has planned some interesting alterations. Curious what will change?

  • New level ranges for the tasks will be set: up to level 50, 50-79, 80-129, and last but not least level 130 and above.
  • Along with the new level ranges the available monster tasks will be more than doubled. Just to name a few Ghastly Dragons, Wailing Widows, Apes and Hellspawns will be added.
  • The amount of points you get for a task will vary depending on their level of difficulty and availability.
  • In addition, a couple of the hunting grounds will get an expansion. Also, two totally new hunting grounds will be added.

  • Furthermore, you will be able to work on up to three tasks at the same time as long as they belong in your level range.
  • You will be able to repeat each task which provides paw and fur points up to a maximum of three times. However, characters over level 130 may repeat the tasks within their level range as often as they like.
  • Moreover, the score system will be adjusted. All in all, there will be 100 paw and fur points now.
  • Also, within each level range you will be able to advance just one rank. The only exception will be the first range till level 50. In this range you will be able to get the first two ranks.
  • Last but not least, many new bosses will be available as well. For example, Ethershreck or Fleshcrawler. And you will be able to get achievements for every single boss that occurs in the paw and fur society tasks.

Sounds interesting, doesn't it? Want to know more? Head over to the teaser thread to find further information here.

Stay tuned!
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