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Sep 22 2011 -
Autumn Patch Coming Soon
his year's autumn patch is almost ready to be launched. Besides the revamp of Grizzly Adams' paw and fur society tasks, it will bring along a couple of minor adjustments and changes, for example:

Eclesius, the scatterbrained sorcerer, has finally overcome his fear of getting teased or even backstabbed by experienced adventurers. He now hires adventurers of all levels, and will allow them to help him. Of course, his offer also includes those who once agreed to become his assistant but were unable to finish his missions and daily tasks before they reached level 20.

Being exposed to buzzing energy flows, a pile of earth eventually turned into stairs in Another Dimension. They lead you to a floor teeming with yielothax. It almost seems as if they guard something... could it be the mysterious uniwheel mount?
Speaking of mounts, horses of the Thaian horse station break free every once in a while as some of you probably know already. Even though wild horses are quite shy, rumour has it that they have been sighted among escaped herds a bit more frequently recently.

As you may know, the spectral scum, the souls of sea robbers who did not die an honourable pirate death, are haunting cities during "A Pirate's Death To Me". While they are pesky by nature, they have become a bit less annoying and keep distance now. Also, a scum bag can always be used now to make them vanish.

With the autumn patch, we will also set up a new board for you in the community section: the gameplay board. There, you can talk and exchange opinions with players from all game worlds about Tibia quests, achievements, mysteries, and other gameplay topics.

See you in Tibia!
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