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Sep 30 2011 -
Grab a Draptor!
ttention, Tibians! We have a very special offer for you for a limited time only!

If you buy a unit of 180 or 360 days of Tibia premium time before October 14, you will not only be able to enjoy the awesome premium features but also get a special mount for the character of your choice on your account: the fancy shadow draptor! Grooaar!

You will find the special offer box if you log into your account page. Just click on the "add premium time" button there, follow the instructions and buy a unit of 180 or 360 days of premium time.

As soon as the premium time appears on your account, you will be able to assign the mount to one of your characters via the welcome page of your account management page.

Now hurry and get your hands on a shadow draptor! The offer won't be around for long.

Seal your deal!
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