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Nov 24 2011 -
Down Below the Sea
crutinon, a black, monolithic sculpture. Waiting for you near the tunnel with the vortex at its end. Dive into it, the water is closing over your head. Then... a cave. Where is your rope? Up you go and find yourself on a lonely coast. Shades of grey, rugged shores, harsh winds... the Gray Beach.

Do you see the statues? Carved from solid rock with inscrutable faces. The Rock Boys... and boy, do they have a story for you: Two races. Fighting for supremacy on this hostile island. Welcome traveller, you are on Quirefang.

"It is said the creatures of the deep will no longer cling to the bottom of the ocean." - Lagatos, Scholar and Chronicler

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Explore the beach, there is a strange machine down a hole... it seems you are not the first visitor here. And there are stairs down there. Ancient stairs.
Deep deep down down down do they lead into the depths of the sea where golden rays of the sun dance in the whirls of water. Amidst a mystical underwater world, a sentient race lives in wait for the second coming of their saviour. A hierarchical society with strictly maintained castes, some of them being able to read and write in their own language. Down there, they are worshipping their god-king Qjell. The Deeplings: scouts, workers, guards, warriors, spellsingers.

"Somewhere far in the east on a hostile land, encircled by the unforgiving maelstroms of the eastern seas, they rise." - Lagatos, Scholar and Chronicler

Will you dare to enter the realm of the Deeplings, their religious sites and sacred places? Will you defy the challenges ahead of you, Tibians? Prepare yourselves to face the aquatic beasts, and overcome further difficulties as you are on your way to reach the upper caves.

Do your best to advance further and open up new passages to discover the drowned library, the sulphur undersea lake and other parts of this captivating underwater world. Find the graceful manta ray in the Lava Grotto. On its spread-out wings, it can even carry those who are worthy. Indulge your aquatic nature by earning the right to wear the splashy Deepling outfit.
Will you finally reach the ancestral grounds and be brave enough to face one of Qjell's personal guards: Obujos, Tanjis, or even Jaul? Do not underestimate them or they will be the death of you.

"They will claim the land. They will conquer the world. They will deluge Tibia like a storm tide." - Lagatos, Scholar and Chronicler

This winter, you will find yourself in the midst of conflicting choices, a struggle for power between the Deeplings and another race which reaches out to claim the land. Besides a few hunting grounds that are always accessible there, combined efforts and teamwork can unlock new, tougher areas both for the Deeplings and for the other race which will be covered in our next teaser. Which faction do you want to advance further? Make your choice, turn the tides, find out what is behind all this.

If you are burning to find out more, check our summary in the feedback thread. Also, visit our supported and promoted fansites to see further pictures of the new creatures. Last but not least, we have posted amazing artworks on our official Tibia Facebook page.

Qjell afar gou jey!
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