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Dec 14 2011 -
Major Game Update 9.4
t is getting colder outside but we have something to keep you warm and cosy. Finally, after months of waiting, the Tibia winter update 2011 has been released. During the last few weeks, we gave you short overviews of the new content and features. Before you log in to see for yourself, let us sum up the highlights again:

Finally, a long awaited feature has found its way into Tibia: the market. The market allows you to sell and buy items via fixed price offers. While submitting offers is exclusively available for premium players, all players can browse the market, search for good bargains and accept existing offers. In addition, depots have changed a bit. Lockers now include your depot chest, the new inbox and the market icon to open the market window. In the new inbox, you will find your items from the market and all your mail will be delivered there.
Do you have your wishlist ready? Or do you plan to finally sell all that stuff piling up in your depot box? Check the stand-alone client section and the Beta Flash client section in the manual for further information on how the market works.

If you would like to explore and experience new adventures before or after your shopping spree in the market, the new island Quirefang may be just what you are looking for. Once you have reached the Gray Beach, strange stone statues will greet you and have some stories to tell.
Those of you who prefer underwater discovery should dive down deep into the sea. Enter the realm of the Deeplings, sentient aquatic creatures who worship their god-king Qjell and are about to rise from the deep to conquer the surface. Take on the challenges ahead of you, and make your way from the bottom of the sea up to the ancestral grounds to finally face Qjell's personal guards. Tame the majestic manta ray and earn the right to dress up like a creature of the deep.

If you prefer the buzzing atmosphere of a hive, you should rather leave the Gray Beach on Quirefang northbound. The Hive Born, an insectile breed created to bring destruction, have claimed the territory consuming everything around them and turning it into a swarming wasteland. Do you dare to venture into the hive? Do you have what it takes to defy the dangers lurking out there? Face your creepy-crawly fears by wearing a humming, insectile outfit and riding on the back of a lady bug.

In addition to the new area full of monsters and challenges, even experienced adventurers who know the Tibian lands inside out might stumble across a surprise every now and then. A whole lot of mini world changes can now occur randomly all over Tibia. Before you know it, your help might be needed to catch a bank robber or bring back little Noodles, for example. Also, mind your surroundings... a volcano might erupt, a river might be flooded, and snow might melt away sooner or later.

A couple of further changes and fixes have been implemented with this update which we have listed in the Auditorium so make sure to take a look.
The update will download automatically when you log into the game. You can also download the new stand-alone client version 9.4 from our download section.

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