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Jun 27 2003 -
Minor Update with Some Bugfixes
e have done some bugfixes in the client and added some minor features. When you login, your client will automatically be updated to the new version 7.11. If this does not work for you or if you are still using the old client, you can download the complete version in the download section.

Firstly, you can no longer enter an IP address in the network options. Instead the client will automatically try to connect to one of our two login servers and automatically switch to the other one if it does not work. In case we are running a public test server in the future, you will be able to join the test by selecting "Test Server Login" in the network options.

A new ingame feature is that your character will not stop anymore if you use or move objects in your inventory while walking. But as before, it will stop if you drop items on the floor. Editing long texts, which has caused many client crashes, also works now flawlessly. Finally, we have fixed some minor bugs.

By the way, the world Premia has been moved to a stronger server recently. Therefore, freezes on this world should be less and our premium players can play there smoothly again.

Have fun in Tibia!
Your CipSoft Team

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