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Apr 13 2012 -
A Visit to Kazordoon
azordoon, famous for its rock cut architecture, and center of the dwarven empire is located in the middle of the main continent of Tibia.


Before the dwarfs created this gigantic mountain city, it was only a huge homogenous rock. Kazordoon was carved out of it in the era known as the Age of Chaos, the time before mankind was created, the time, when the elder gods created elves and dwarfs to fight the overwhelming dark creatures of Zathroth and his minions. The Elves and the dwarfs were too weak to prevail over the dark menace that ruled supreme over almost whole Tibia. Nevertheless, both races managed to not surrender contrary to all the other races that had been sent to Tibia to fight against the upcoming darkness. While the elves found their asylum in the depths of impenetrable forests, the dwarfs chose the ancient and gigantic mountain, the Big Old One, as their new residence.

The dwarfs had a lot of good reasons to choose this colossal rock as their new home. The nature of the mountain offered various advantages: Enough space for an entire nation and the possibility to expand in any direction without being seen on the surface. An underground river and the option to cultivate mushrooms and wheat solved the problems of drinking water and food supply from the first day on.
Furthermore, it is not easy to find but easy to defend against any hostile superiority. Even if there are several entrances to Kazordoon, just few troops are needed to defend the narrow aisles to the kingdom.

Due to this safe and secret isolation from the rest of the world it was possible for the dwarven race to develop in many directions. Be it the skill to brew that wonderful mushroombeer or their farming qualities, the dwarfs know how to impress. They are self supporters and so, their skills improved a lot during all those years of separation. The dwarven smithery, which is incomparable to any other blacksmithing, and their unique mining skill are just other examples of their unmatched craftsmanship. Actually, it seems that there is no rock or mountain that is safe from a dwarven hammer and pick. In addition, the dwarven scientists used their time well to enhance their technologies and brought some of them almost to perfection, for example the steam technology.
Of course, the fighting skills of the dwarven army should not be forgotten. Even the best armor and weapon does not make a good warrior out of a man unless he is experienced and trained at fighting. While the elves focus on the natural power of druids and the agility of paladins, the dwarfs train their troops as sorcerers or knights. The combination of their superior fighting skills, the easy to defend structure of Kazordoon, and their magnificent weapons and armor is the reason why no enemy has ever succeeded in conquering the dwarven empire, yet.

One example of the superior fighting skills and the dwarven courage is the so called War of Welcome. This war took place near the bridge south of Kazordoon, better known as Dwarven Bridge, and lasted for about a year. In this war, the dwarven warriors showed the orcish hordes their military supremacy and came out as victors even though they had been outnumbered.

Kazordoon Today

Nowadays, Kazordoon has left its isolation and is open for everyone. Visitors are travelling there to gaze at the architecture of the mountain city, and, of course, the famous Colossus of Kazordoon that was built as a deterrent, a fortress, and as a monument.
Adventurers and explorers come to Kazordoon to search for quests and hidden treasures in the deeper tunnels. The mystery of the basilisk, for example, is still one of the most closely guarded secrets of Tibia. Brave and fearless women and men are trying to solve this riddle to this day. Even for those, who are not interested in such stories, this town has plenty to offer for brave hearts. You can spend hours or even days in the inner and outer mines of Kazordoon, fighting those renegade dwarfs, who abandon civilization and claim to own the deeper parts of this place. You should also be prepared to face hostile and stronger creatures like giant spiders, which turned a part of the mines into their hatchery.
Traders come here as well to acquire dwarven armor and weapons to sell them at a profit to all the other warriors and adventurers in Tibia. Others again, just come to taste the famous dwarven beer or to take a break from the loud and busy world in the peaceful and quiet Kazordoon.

Today, Kazordoon is reigned by Emperor Kruzak Dustbeard, who resides at his throne room in one of the upper storeys. If you are looking for a promotion you can ask the emperor for an audience. Usually, if you are worthy and willing to donate a fee, Kruzak will promote you to an elite knight, a master sorcerer, an elder druid, or a royal paladin. But you should choose your words carefully if you decide to talk him. The mighty ruler stands on ceremony and will punish everyone who does not adhere to etiquette.


There is more than only one way to enter the dwarven empire of Kazordoon. The main entrance, which you reach after passing through the famous Colossus, leads you some stairs down to a long passage with lava and pillars (1) from where you can choose to either use the ore wagon system to explore the city or keep moving on foot.
After going some stairs up again to the northeast (2), or choosing the correct ore wagon route (3) you will reach the depot (4) of Kazordoon. There you will find Lokur, who manages the post office and the bank of Kazordoon. He also sells weekly tickets for the city's ore wagon system. By using the right ore wagon, you can directly reach the main gate, the temple, the shops, or the steamboat, which is located deep in the inner mines of Kazordoon. With the steamboat you can travel to Cormaya or to Farmine. Just talk to Brodrosch and ask him for a passage. You can also buy the weekly tickets for the ore wagons from him.
One level below the depot you can find several stores and the tavern of the city. At the north you will find Kroox and Uzgod, who offer you a wide range of armor and weapons, both buying and selling. The equipment shop of Nezil and Bezil is located east of the depot. If you are looking for diamonds, necklaces, or a wedding ring for your beloved wife you should pay Tezila a visit. Her jewelry store is located on the same level as the other shops, just a bit south from the equipment store. If you are not interested in shopping, or just want to sit down for a minute, you should visit the Jolly Axeman Tavern, west of Uzgods weapon store. Take the chance and talk to Maryza or Jimbin to enjoy the unique taste of the famous dwarven beer or other delicacies.
If you are interested in Amaro de Quester's story of his life among rotworms you might want to talk to Humgolf and his rotworms to better understand the true and gentle nature of these creatures. You can find him northeast from the Jolly Axeman Tavern.

Facts about present day Kazordoon
  • Approximately 2.17 % of all Tibians reside in Kazordoon nowadays.
  • About 84 % of the inhabitants of Kazordoon are male, and only around 16 % of the inhabitants are female.
  • It seems that Kazordoon Citizens do not want to tie the knot. About 97.55 % of them are unmarried.
  • The average level of characters who reside in Kazordoon is 29 - in comparison: the average level of characters in Carlin is 22.44; in Edron 34.69; in Yalahar 78.89.
  • The main vocation found in Kazordoon is the knight, which makes up around 42 % of the population there.
  • around 15 % of all citizens are druids.
  • around 23 % of all citizens are sorcerers.
  • around 19 % of all citizens are paladins.

If you leave the depot westward you can see one of the famous smithies (5). Walk further to the west and you will find some stairs. If you go downstairs (6), next to the furniture shop of Iwar, you will find yourself again on the floor with the equipment, armor, and weapon store. If you keep moving downstairs you can visit the temple district to become a citizen of Kazordoon, or the game rooms to spend some time playing. You can also find the great geomancer Kawill and the head pyromancer Pydar, who are selling both parts of the blessing the Spark of the Phoenix.
Down there, you can also see the big mushroom farms of Kazordoon, stop by the mushroombeer brewery, or pay Talphion, the chief technomancer of the technomancers guild, a visit.
Furthermore, you will find the entry to the inner mines of Kazordoon and the way to Dwacatra, the prison isle. If you decide to go there, you better sharpen your blade, since the prisoners there are imprisoned for a reason.

If you do not go downstairs, but upstairs to the west (7) you will reach the Armory and the Halls of Sorcery, where you can find Etzel, the keeper of magical secrets and teacher of spells and Sigurd, who runs Etzel's magic store.
Two levels further up, Emperor Kruzak resides in his throne room. Near the throne you can marvel at the treasure room of Kazordoon that is definitely worth visiting if you want to see a pair of dragon scale legs with your own eyes, for example.

Northwest of the depot there are two other stairs that bring you to the farms (8) or to the Colossus fortress (9). At the farms you can enjoy the magnificent view or leave the mountain city through an elevator and a secret passage. Rumour has it that if you want to visit the famous Colossus fortress you will first need to obtain a certain key. However, there is no proof that anyone has ever been able to enter the fortress, yet. Another riddle of the dwarven mountain city.

If you want to take part in a competition or watch a prize fight, the fighting pit (10) is the right place.
Near this small arena, you can see the Marble Guildhall (11), which is one of three guildhalls that are located inside Kazordoon. The other two guildhalls are the Granite Guildhall and the Iron Guildhall. All three are marvellous and architectural masterpieces of the dwarven art of construction, just like the entire city.

All in all, it is easy to get lost in Kazordoon. It is strongly recommended to have a trustworthy guide at your side when you visit the mountain city of the dwarfs for the first time. But even if Kazordoon seems to be very confusing and it is hard to keep track of the map, it is said that once in a lifetime, everyone should have visited this gigantic place and evidence of dwarven skills. With luck you will also find a way back out again.

Enjoy your stay in Kazordoon!
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