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Apr 13 2012 -
Winners of Dream House Contest
ast month, we ran an interesting contest asking you to describe your dream house in Tibia. Within two weeks, we got more than 1,000 submissions covering a wide range of ideas and designs. We were overwhelmed by your imagination, skill, and sense of humour. We really had a great time reading all your creative entries. Thank you for your enthusiasm and contributions!

Some of you have been burning with curiosity since then to hear the winners. We do not want to keep you in suspense any longer!
Ten submissions really caught our eye and will be implemented with the summer update as close to the original ideas as possible. It was a tough decision but we have finally decided who the winners of our contest are: Here they are, in alphabetical order:
Applause and congratulations!

Our decision was not only based on originality since there were a lot of entries with similar topics and themes. We also payed attention to how the ideas were described, and how well we thought they would work and fit in the game. Of course, it was also a matter of taste and appeal. In the end, we were pretty happy with our choices and we hope you will be too even if your favourite might not be among the winners.

In the course of today, the winners will receive 90 days of premium time, a CM token, and a new rare deco item, the miniature house, which has been implemented with today's client patch. They are the first ones to get their hands on this item since it will not be obtainable otherwise until the summer update release.
In addition, each of the content team members had a favourite entry that did not make it among the winners. Nevertheless, they wanted to acknowledge the efforts of the respective author by surprising them with a token of appreciation. Therefore, in the course of the next week, the following participants will received a badge of glory inscribed by the content team member who liked their idea most: Miithrandi with Laughing Treasures was chosen by Chayenne, Heavenly Shot with Hall of Elements was chosen by Count Tofifti, Grapes Salmon with Colossal Deactivated Stone Golem was chosen by Lionet, Marcus de Laurentis with Four Seasons Village was chosen by Knightmare, and Dragon Jam with Dragon Ruins was chosen by our graphic artist Penciljack.

We also raffled off various deco items among all participants so check the feedback thread to find out whether or not Lady Luck smiled upon you.

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