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Apr 13 2012 -
A Couple of Fixes
ith today's server save, we released a small client patch to address a few issues, for example:
  • Characters can now always log out in a protection zone regardless of whether or not the logout block is active.
  • Orockle who now also gives information about the status of the Hive world change when asked about "news" or "status".
  • The speed boost of the depth galea helmet now works correctly.
  • New graphics for each of the four enchanted versions of the barbarian axe have been added.
  • Several small issues with new fansite items have been fixed.
We also fixed a couple of issues in the Beta Flash client, for example: the spell list now updates correctly when the filter or sort mode is changed. Also, we fixed a bug with mouse look in classic controls and addressed an issue which caused a crash of the Beta Flash client when displaying a tool tip for the L1 action button.

If you want to talk about the latest content fixes with other players, you can leave your comments in the thread Player Discussions: Content Fixes.
The patch will download automatically when you log into the game. You can also download the new stand-alone client version 9.52 in our download section.

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