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May 03 2012 -
A Couple of Fixes
ith today's server save, we released a small client patch to address a few issues, for example:
  • We have finetuned the mechanisms that trigger in case of connection interruptions due to lag and kicks.
  • The sprite of incredible mumpiz slayer has been replaced with the new longsword graphic.
  • The market flag has been removed from all flower pots except for empty flower pots and iced ones. We have also removed the market flag from enigmatic voodoo skull and from depleted versions of the claw of the noxious spawn.
  • Yasir now only buys Zaoan items from you if you are also able to sell them to Esrik, which means that you need to have turned in enough tomes of knowledge in Farmine.
  • A few achievement typos have been fixed, and the achievement "Best there was" has been renamed to "King of the Ring".
If you want to talk about the latest content fixes with other players, you can leave your comments in the thread Player Discussions: Content Fixes.
The patch will download automatically when you log into the game. The new stand-alone client version 9.53 will also be available in our download section soon.

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