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Jun 13 2012 -
Premium Scrolls and Preview Game Worlds
oday, we have exciting news for you, Tibians!

Premium Scrolls, a new way to upgrade your account to premium, are finally available. In order to add premium time to your account, you can now purchase Premium Scroll packages of various sizes. Once your payment for a Premium Scroll package has been confirmed, the corresponding number of Premium Scrolls is added to your balance. You can now activate scrolls immediately to add premium time to your account or transfer them into the game if you meet certain requirements. If you want to know more about the requirements you have to meet to be able to transfer Premium Scrolls into the game, check the "Premium Scrolls" section on your account management page.
Please note that unless you have set up a subscription, premium will not be extended automatically so each Premium Scroll must be activated individually. We recommend you to thoroughly read the updated manual as it contains important information about Premium Scrolls and the order process.
We have also updated the comments of the Tibia Rules 1c) and 2c) to cover the advertising of ingame trades involving Premium Scrolls that have been transferred into the game. Advertising trades of any kind that involve the paying of real money are still considered illegal.

We have also launched the two eagerly awaited preview game worlds Aurora and Aurera today. Both worlds are not in a preview phase yet, so they are exactly like all other game worlds at the moment except for two notable differences: It is not possible to transfer characters to or away from these game worlds. Furthermore, double experience points and double skill training are enabled there. For further details please have a look at the announcements on the world boards of Aurera and Aurora. Please also note that only premium accounts will be able to play on these worlds during the first week.

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