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Jun 14 2012 -
Small but Mighty!
ately, the ancient walls of Kazordoon are telling stories about a strange dwarf who can be found in the temple district of the old mountain city. Rumour has it that he is searching for brave adventurers and is recruiting heroes to avert a danger. A hard and challenging danger no one has ever faced before, threatening a race no one has ever heard of, at a place no one has ever seen...

Tibians, this summer the dwarfs are going to lift one of the their best-guarded secrets: the secret of a long existing alliance between the dwarfs and another underground dwelling race, the Gnomes.

Hidden under the earth for centuries, no one, except the dwarfs had the slightest idea that Gnomes even exist. But now, after an eternity of isolation and solitude, this small folk is in need of brave heroes like you!

The Gnomes are threatened by a hostile force that bleeds this race to a slow but certain death. Therefore, they asked their dwarven allies for support. That is why the dwarfs are now looking for courageous warriors to join the gnomish troops to assist them in their distress. Are you willing to join the Bigfoots, the gnomish brigade which is fighting against the evil menace?

But be warned, the Gnomes do no trust strangers blindly. You will have to pass a few tasks before this wary folk will be convinced to confide in you and to fight together with you side by side.

Search for a dwarf called Xelvar in Kazordoon and hear more about the long unknown and mysterious Gnomes. Visit the underground home of this mushroom loving race and gaze at an environment you have never seen before. Experience a totally new way of travelling with the gnomish crystal teleporters. Learn to travel through the hub, the gnomish linkage between several already existing Tibian cities. Fight creatures you have never dreamed of.

Your courage and bravery might be rewarded with new outfits and mounts, given by the Gnomes. But what enemy awaits you? What evil force threatens this small race? What foe can be so mighty to menace a whole nation?

More amazing pictures of the gnomish area and new monster cards can be found on our supported and promoted fansites so make sure to pay them a visit.

Are you curious? Stay tuned for more to come!
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