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Jun 27 2012 -
Challenge Accepted!
he private test of the upcoming summer update has started so it is high time for the next teaser.

Not long ago, a strange dwarf showed up in Kazordoon. He talked about a yet unknown race, the Gnomes, and about an old alliance. The Gnomes are looking for brave adventurers to assist them in their struggle against perfidious enemies. Yet, Gnomes are a bit wary of outsiders so you have to earn their trust before they will let you join their forces.

Once you have gained the Gnomes' confidence, they will take you deeper into their realm. They will show you the crystal barriers that prevent enemies from overrunning the gnomish forces. If you are still willing to help, the Gnomes will grant you access to the other side of the barriers, the so-called challenge dungeons.

Be warned, though, these places are challenging for a reason. This is your chance to prove your fighting skills, and to test your ability to work in team. We would highly recommend to not enter these dungeons on your own. All in all, there will be three different dungeons you need to master with your courage, fighting skills, the will to survive, and last but not least, luck! Still, fortune favours the bold. Everyone who helps to kill the boss that awaits you at the end of every challenge dungeon will be able to grab a reward.

In order to ensure that everyone who took part and caused damage in the boss fights will be able to take his reward, the killer list will be extended after the summer update. This means:
  • everyone who helps to kill a monster will receive experience related to the damage he has caused.
  • in PvP fights the 20 highest damage dealers within the last 60 seconds will get an unjustified kill in case of an unjustified murder.
  • the list of assisted kills will be extended to include all damage dealers within the last 60 seconds that are not already counted as killers. Please note that an assisted kill does not count towards the skull system but it will help the victim to identify who was responsible for his death.

Are you brave enough to accept this challenge? Will you be able to fight your way through the underground dungeons?

Do you have what it takes to survive?
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