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Jul 04 2012 -
New Houses, Mini World Changes, and More
e are getting closer to the release of the summer update, Tibians! Have you already tried out the new content and features on the test server?

Ten new houses will become available for rent with the release of the summer update. The design of these cozy new homes is based on the winning ideas of the dream house contest. Make sure to visit them, especially if your character is looking for a change of surroundings.

Also, three new mini world changes will be added. Gruesome orcs may build a war camp near certain cities so you better be prepared. If spiders give you the creeps, you should be very careful on your way to Venore in the future. Every once in a while, Mamma Longlegs will try to build a nest for her little darlings near the city. Last but not least, if your character's level is too high to earn some of the achievements during the Rise of Devovorga event, you may be interested in Devovorga's Essence. A strange energy portal will appear from time to time which you can enter if you have a tentacle piece with you. The Dread Guardian is waiting for you there and will grant you access to Anmothra, Chikhaton, Irahsae, Phrodomo and Teneshpar in exchange for tentacle pieces. Be warned, though! You will have to face Devovorga's incarnations alone!
The summer update will also bring along a measure to address the trashing of houses through random players. Only the owner of a house, the sub-owners and guests will be able to throw items on a house field.
Furthermore, a whole bunch of new items will be added to the game with the new Gnome area: for example, the gill set and the prismatic set, new ammunition, new wands and rods, as well as new distance and melee weapons. Check our supported and promoted fansites to find numerous screenshots, information, and videos fresh from the summer update test servers. If you are looking for first-hand experience, feel free to jump right in and join the public test!

Get ready!
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