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Jul 11 2012 -
Major Game Update 9.6
he waiting is finally over! The Tibia summer update 2012 has just been released. Time to mow down hordes of new monsters and head out on gnomish adventures!

Here is a short summary of the main new content and features that have been added to spice up your Tibia experience:

Amidst crystals and mushrooms, the Gnomes have always led a quiet life in seclusion, suspicious of outsiders, and hesitant to give their trust. Yet now that they are facing a serious threat, they are willing to recruit warriors who proved their worth by passing a sophisticated Gnome test. Once you have successfully joined the Bigfoots, a special auxiliary unit, solving missions for the Gnomes will let you gain reputation and help you to move up in rank.
Explore the new underground area, get your hands on new equipment and items, earn new outfits, mounts and achievements! Achieve the highest Bigfoot rank to get access to the challenge dungeons, a place to show your skills and see what you are made of. So are you in for some tough action and adventure?

With the release of the summer update, premium players can now also enjoy the new offline training feature which allows you to sharpen your skills in a particular field of your choice while you are logged out. Visit one of the training schools which can be found in all major cities and use the training statue of your choice to log out in order to activate offline training for your character.
Offline training allows you to raise your skills more conveniently and without having to use resources such as food. Therefore, it is less effective than training online. Also keep in mind that you can only train offline for up to 12 consecutive hours. Once your offline training pool is empty, you have to replenish it before you can hone you skills offline again.

Further new stuff is waiting for you. Mind your surroundings, fierce orcs may build a war camp near certain cities every once in a while, or you might run into the creepy, crawly Mamma Longlegs on your way to Venore. Moreover, a strange energy portal may open up sometimes. It leads to the Dread Guardian who grants you access to Devovorga's incarnations in exchange for tentacle pieces.
If you are looking for a new home, make sure to visit the ten cool new houses which are available for rent. Inspired by Tibians, made for Tibians!
A few other changes and fixes have been implemented with this update. We have listed them in the Auditorium so make sure to take a look.

Important: Please note that the Tibia stand-alone client will not patch itself after the update this time. Therefore, you have to download the complete stand-alone client from our website again to play Tibia and enjoy the new content and features:

Windows Tibia Client 9.6
Linux Tibia Client 9.6

Now it is your turn to explore and see!

Have fun!
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