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Aug 09 2012 -
Small Client Patch
ith today's server save, we released a small client patch to address a few issues, for example:
  • In warzone 3, lava golems have been replaced by minions of Vesperoth that have no loot and yield less experience points. Vesperoth's experience points have been increased to compensate this.
  • All minor and major Gnome task achievements have been adjusted again. The achievement for a task now triggers as intended after having completed the corresponding task once.
  • You can now decorate the walls of the Eastern House of Tranquillity and the Old Sanctuary of God King Qjell.
  • Coconut shrimp bake and depth galea now work correctly together. After having used the dish, you no longer lose the drowning protection from the depth galea when moving underwater.
  • The market flags for all assembling statue objects have been changed from "armor" to "valuable".
  • Elgar has resumed his business and is selling parcels and labels again.
We also fixed a couple of issues for the Beta Flash client, and tweaked it further. For example:
In the status bar widget, a skill icon is now displayed next to your progress bar to make it more clear which skill you see there. You can now use your mouse wheel to zoom in and out in the minimap widget. Your character's name and vocation are now displayed in the character profile window. The colours of text messages have been revised to improve the legibility. Also, we have revised the graphics of regular buttons, scroll buttons, and toggle buttons as well as side bars to give them more contrast. Furthermore, we have activated the light effects again.

The patch will download automatically when you log into the game. You can also download the new stand-alone client version 9.61 from our download section.

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