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Aug 23 2012 -
Beta Flash Client Improvements and Fixes
oday, we have released a bunch of Beta Flash client improvements to enrich your Tibia experience further. For example:
  • Most notably, we have added a functionality that will highlight map fields, objects and creatures when you move your mouse cursor over them. This makes it much easier for you to see which object, creature, or field you are about to target with an action. For example, if you move your cursor over a field with a ladder, the ladder will be highlighted. Creatures are also highlighted when you move your mouse cursor over the respective battle list entry. They are no longer marked with a white frame. Please note that you can adjust the opacity of the highlighting in the game options menu.
  • You can now hide the menu bar of a side bar. Just click on the larger arrow around the menu bar to show or hide it.
  • Your character's level is now displayed next to your progress bar in the status bar widget.
  • You can now drop objects anywhere in a container and not only right above a slot.
  • If you save a chat channel, the suggested file name now starts with the name of the channel.
  • In the character profile window, skill modifiers are now shown more clearly.
  • You can now select the colours for text messages via a dropdown list.
  • We have narrowed the graphics of the frames around the game window, the chat console, the status widget, and side bars to offer a bit more space for the game window.
  • The graphics of buttons in mouse-over and pressed state have been adjusted to add more contrast.
In addition, we fixed a couple of issues with the Beta Flash client. For example: The speed and food timer are now visible again in the character profile window. The "click to activate message" now also appears when using Google Chrome. Furthermore, we fixed a performance issue with the mouse-over effects of buttons.

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